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Purchasing life insurance can be a daunting, sometimes even an overwhelming experience. There are so many different types of insurance from which to choose.

This is where we come in. At Cryderman Insurance, we don’t represent the insurance products of one company like a typical insurance agent – rather we are an insurance broker who is not tied to one particular company. We offer our clients the best possible solution to fit their unique need because we can offer insurance products from a variety of sources.

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Providing Chatham-Kent residents personalized service since 1935, we specialize in developing an insurance plan that suits our clients personal needs and never force a customer into a box of limited opportunity.


You should not get mortgage insurance with the bank. Watch the informative video 'CBC Market in Denial - Mortgage Insurance' to the right and decide for yourself. Then come talk to us.

Market in Denial – Mortgage Insurance

Why you should not get mortgage insurance with the bank.